springSpring is right around the corner. Is your smile ready? Coffee, tea, red wine, tobacco, and certain medications can stain teeth, leaving smiles less than lustrous. Now is the perfect time to unveil your smile’s hidden brilliance. How? With Zoom! Whitening from Dr. Gary Radz, the cosmetic dentist Downtown Denver trusts.

Dr. Radz knows his stuff. He’s a world-renowned general and cosmetic dentist, instructor, and speaker. He’s listed in 5280 Magazine as one of “Denver’s Best Dentists.” If you want whiter teeth, come see Dr. Radz.

Zoom! Works Fast
In a single visit to our Downtown Denver office, Dr. Radz can brighten your smile up to 10 shades. Zoom! Whitening’s advanced bleaching gel works in tandem with a no-heat light to penetrate deep into tooth enamel and dentin and unlock stains. Discolorations disappear to reveal brilliantly white teeth.

A take-home touch-up kit will keep stains at bay for long-lasting beauty and brilliance.

Advantages of Teeth Whitening
Numerous studies illustrate the benefits of a whiter smile. For example:

  • 58% of job candidates were more likely to be hired following teeth whitening, and 53% received larger salaries
  • People are 54% more attracted to others with whiter teeth
  • On simulated first dates, 59% of the participants were viewed as more outgoing following teeth whitening

There’s really no downside to a whiter smile. You’ll look younger and experience renewed confidence. Who doesn’t want that?

Put some spring in your smile with Zoom! Whitening from Downtown Denver’s Dr. Radz. Call today to schedule your appointment.