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Our downtown office is known throughout Denver as one of the area’s most respected and successful dental practices. Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some our patients are saying.

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“Dr. Radz is the best…not only in my area, but in the state of Colorado! He truly made a dream of mine come true. I had several older crowns and he made all of [my] dreams come true. I highly recommend him and his staff.  While they make you feel so comfortable, you would let them work on you as well. I am sure you can spend more somewhere else, and you can spend less, but if it is a beautiful smile you’re after… call Dr. Radz today! Every day, I am thankful that I went to Dr. Radz.”

Posted On DR.Oogle Dentist Guide
“Dr. Radz is in [a] word amazing! I could not even begin to say how happy I am with my new smile. The staff is out of this world, and you will feel right at home when you walk in the door.”

“Dr. Radz gives you the ultimate experience with his detailed personal attention. He is a perfectionist, and that is what I want in a dentist!”

“Stop looking around; don’t wait any longer for your new smile…it will change your life! I will say this…I have seen other ‘Cosmetic Dentist‘ work, and I have seen the ones that felt they saved a little money or feel they got a better deal, but remember this…THE BITTERNESS OF POOR QUALITY REMAINS LONG AFTER THE SWEETNESS OF LOW PRICE IS FORGOTTON!”


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 Laurie T. 12/4/15 “Very prefessional and congenial staff!”

 Lonnie S. 12/3/15 “Absolutely a great experience. Everyone in the office is prefessional and courteous”

Anonymous 8/1/15 – “Excellent”

Valai T. 7/15/15 – “5 – it was a wonderful experience. All the staff were really professional and friendly. Dr. Radz was great!”

Carl W 7/17/15 – “Excellent”

Kelly P 7/22/15 – “Every time I have been in for a cleaning the staff has gone overboard on my care and truly want to make sure that I’m educated about my teeth as well as my options in terms of what is offered. My original retainer for my braces was not correct (done by a different dental office) and now I am concerned that one tooth will slip behind another. They showed me a very affordable option that they offer to help correct it and I am excited to be able to get that completed. They were very clear and responded to my needs from the service they provide to the costs associated. I’m very pleased with my care.”

Michael C. 5/5/15 – “My dental hygienist was fantastic! Knowledgeable, thorough, and quick. I felt great coming out of my appointment!”

Berta B. 4/8/15 – “Going to the Dentist is not something that I am normally looking forward to….but going to Dr. Radz’ office is actually a pleasant experience!”

Kevin G. 3/17/15 – “I went in to get my teeth whitened and to discuss a plan of action for straightening my lateral incisors. I have had braces twice, and still my teeth have shifted slightly over the years. Dr. Radz and his staff made a plan of action with great confidence, and I am so thankful to have such care for my smile!”

Johnny F. 3/10/15 – “This practice is beyond what anyone can expect. From the modern facilities to the professional staff, I couldn’t ask for a better option. Being new to the area I was a bit nervous because I picked this place from my network with no prior knowledge, but I am more than pleased. The street parking was a turn off at first, but after only my first visit, I would pay the garage parking and it would still be worth it. The staff is incredible and knowledgeable, I can’t say enough good things, I’m glad I chose this place! ”

Billy B. 2/22/15 – “I have been extremely happy with all the work done by Dr. Radz’ office and did not go to a dentist for years as I was unhappy where I was prior to meeting Dr. Radz here. I now come 3 times a year and have my son also coming as well. Again great people here and excellent service!”

Anna G. 1/27/15 – “Dr. Radz office was suggested to me by my coworkers and I was not disappointed. Everyone is very friendly and seem to genuinely care about my health. I felt really comfortable with Jenni during my cleaning and she did a great job at explaining things thoroughly as well as give me plenty of tips and tricks.”

Benjamin S 1/22/15 – “Great dentist very good staff. I’ve always had a pleasant experience here and they’ve often go openings in the morning before work.”

Elizabeth M. 1/20/15 – “Dr. Radz fixed my bond that I have been having issues with for 2 years. He made the color match better, the shape nicer, and the irritation around my gums go away! I enjoyed his service and the staff.”

Elizabeth G. 1/9/15 – “I have never had a better experience than with the people in this office. I have always had bad experiences with my dentists, and not only was this a good experience, but it was an excellent and educational visit. Everyone was no nice and helpful. There was a problem with the schedule, and the receptionist went out of her way to make room for me. Everyone that worked with me was very nice and went out of their way to explain things and make sure I was ok. I will absolutely recommend this dentist to anyone needing a dentist. I appreciate the people in this office, and will continue to go to this office from now on. Rating out of 5 is a 6!! Extra points for everyone going out of their way to make sure I was taken care of. Thank you!”

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