Sleep Apnea Therapy

Sleep Apnea & Snoring Therapy Denver

Dr. Radz and Cosmetic Dentistry of Denver are pleased to announce our newest treatment for patients who suffer from sleep apnea and snoring. Our sleep apnea therapy is used to help treat obstructive sleep apnea, the most common form of sleep apnea that causes the airway to become blocked during sleep. Dr. Radz recently completed coursework on sleep apnea treatment and now adds it to our long list of restorative and cosmetic dental treatments.

Facts About Sleep Apnea

  • Sleep apnea affects over 18 million Americans
  • Sleep apnea sufferers can cease breathing as many as 30 times per night
  • Experts estimate that 10 million Americans have sleep apnea but have not been diagnosed
  • Men suffer from sleep apnea more than women
  • Sleep apnea patients are also likely to suffer from high blood pressure
  • People with sleep apnea are three times as likely to be involved in a car accident

First Steps to Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea treatment can start at home in addition to sleep apnea therapy in Denver from Dr. Radz. For starters, know the dangers of sleep apnea such as obesity. Obese people are much more likely to suffer from sleep apnea and snoring than those who maintain a healthy weight. Excess weight in the neck can make it more difficult for the breathing muscles in the neck to operate. In addition to weight loss, alcohol and tobacco use can contribute to sleep apnea as they affect air passages. For a conservative approach to sleep apnea, try to sleep on your side instead of your back to promote better breathing and limit the weight on your breathing passages.

For conservative sleep apnea therapy in the Denver area consult our office and see if you are a candidate for a sleep apnea and snoring mouthpiece. These CPAP alternatives are effective and popular amongst patients who have issues with the CPAP machine.