Many of you who have been in our downtown Denver dental office this year have had the benefit of the Velscope, our new tool that aides in the early detection of oral cancer.   It is a quick, painless piece of equipment that acts much like a flashlight and allows us to detect changes right under the surface layer of cells.
If you have been in the office recently you may have seen our other new piece of technology, the iTero.  It is a new cutting edge machine that allows us to do dental work with limited need to use that gooey impression material.  This device uses a camera to take pictures of your teeth and then sends then to a facility where duplicates of your teeth are made off the pictures.  The dental lab can then use these models to make your crowns, onlays or even veneers!  Next time you are in, ask us about it!
Drs. Gary Radz
general dentist