dental moldWhen you visit the dentist for a restorative dentistry procedure or replacement teeth, you’ll have impressions taken of your teeth.
Traditionally, impressions have been an uncomfortable procedure for patients. With all that gooey putty in your mouth, it’s easy to feel claustrophobic. And if you have a sensitive gag reflex-forget about it!
Our patient’s comfort is always a concern and we want appointments at our office to be stress-free. Technology is one way we are able to make dental treatments more pleasant, and thanks to iTero, taking impressions has never been easier. Now you can sit back and relax while we take high-resolution images of your teeth! With iTero, there’s no need for trays or putty. Instead, Dr. Radz will simply use a handheld wand to comfortably take a 3D image of your teeth in as little as three to five minutes. You can even watch our progress on a nearby monitor.

iTero’s Detailed  Digital Impressions Means More Accurate Restorations and Prosthetics
After iTero captures your digital impression, it’s sent to our lab, where an incredibly accurate replica of your teeth is created by computer. This not only means your restoration or prosthetic will fit perfectly and blend seamlessly-it means your newly revitalized smile will be more comfortable, too.
Taking the worry out of dental appointments is one of our top priorities. That’s why we’re such big fans of iTero. We want our patients to be comfortable, no matter the procedure, and iTero helps us do just that as we serve resident of Denver, Glendale, Lakewood, Westminster, and surrounding areas. Call our office today to schedule your appointment with Dr. Radz.