Dr. Brad Guyton began working as an associate for Dr. Radz in late 2011.  He is dedicated to serving patients in the same way that Dr. Radz and his team have done for over a decade.  While Dr. Guyton brings 14 years of clinical experience to the practice, he is always learning from the expertise of his clinical mentor, Dr. Radz.  They both share a common belief that dentistry is all about the patient and that experience through continuous education and an unwavering commitment to quality is ultimately the only way to create the best smiles.

When Dr. Guyton is not in the office with Dr. Radz, he serves as the Chief Operating Officer for Jameson Management, a practice management consulting firm that enhances the quality of patient care through happy, productive, well-educated dental teams.  You can find out more about Dr. Guyton and the Jameson team at jamesonmanagement.com.  Dr Guyton is also an Assistant Professor and Course Director at the University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine (http://www.ucdenver.edu/academics/colleges/dentalmedicine).  His courses in Practice Management and Dental Professionalism & Ethics include topics like practice planning, communication, practice management, office design, insurance, business acumen, and community assessment.    Dr. Guyton serves as a mentor to many new dental graduates as they search to find their place in the profession.

Dr. Guyton has practiced dentistry since 1997, when he received his DDS from Baylor College of Dentistry.  He then received an MPH in Health Policy and Management from Harvard in 1998.  He worked in Boston for five years in private practice, health policy, and public health, while concurrently earning his MBA and Fellowship in Geriatric Dentistry.  Dr. Guyton had a solo private practice in the foothills of Colorado for six years.  He also practiced dentistry at the Center for Dental Excellence in Hellam, PA.     Before leaving at the end of 2011, Dr. Guyton served for four years as the Director of Corporate Professional Services for DENTSPLY International. Dentsply is the world’s largest $2.8B dental manufacturer delivering products to dentists in over 100 countries.  He was responsible for the efforts of associates in 24 global divisions overseeing 6100 annual clinical education courses, university relationships, and an opinion leader network of >1000 dental opinion leaders.   He spent much of his time enhancing clinical relevance in new product development.   By bringing the voice of the customer to scientists and R&D teams, he was able to promote commercialization of right products at the right time.  Dr. Radz and Dr. Guyton have worked together on product development projects since 2009.  What does this experience mean to you as a patient?  Dr. Radz and D.r Guyton both understand how to use the best dental products to enhance your esthetic and restorative outcomes.

Brad’s ongoing passion is to promote happiness in dental teams and to enhance the quality of and access to dental care through excellence in clinical education and ethical treatment of the patient.  Brad is blessed with a wonderful wife and two inspirational young children.  In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors and designs & remodels commercial and residential real estate.  He enjoys being a member of Dr. Radz dental team and believes it to be the best dental practice in the Rocky Mountain region.

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), Member
Academy of General Dentistry, Member
American Dental Association, Member
Colorado Dental Association, Member
Metro Denver Dental Society, Member