105951639If you are like most adults, brushing and flossing alone doesn’t give you that picture perfect smile. A wide range of causes can take away your youthful pearly whites, from food and drinks, to aging and genetic factors. So while that morning cup of coffee may put a pep in your step, it’s probably also putting stains on your teeth.

Not to worry, we do have some good news for you. Dr. Radz is a highly respected dentist and lecturer who delivers quality cosmetic dentistry in Downtown Denver. If you live in the greater Denver area, you have one of the most respected and skilled cosmetic dentists right in your neighborhood. If don’t love what you see when you smile, Dr. Radz can help you achieve the look you desire through a variety of cosmetic dentistry services, including one-appointment cosmetic bonding .

Porcelain veneers get a lot of attention these days, but cosmetic bonding can be a viable, affordable alternative for correcting chips, slight misalignments, or an otherwise imperfect tooth. By applying a composite resin that’s shaded to match your existing teeth, Dr. Radz can sculpt and polish your tooth to mask damage and discoloration. The result is a natural-looking, gorgeous smile in just one visit.

With proper care, bonding can last up to 10 years and does not discolor. You might need occasional touch-up teeth whitening to keep the color of your teeth consistent and even. Dr. Radz also offers teeth whitening at our Downtown Denver dental office, making it convenient to keep your newly bonded smile perfect. Call us today to schedule your appointment and find out if cosmetic bonding is the right choice for you.