Having a smile full of straight teeth can give you enormous confidence, but the process of straightening teeth may make have held you back. b2_43_new1Because you want look your best every day, the thought of spending two years wearing traditional metal braces may not fit into your lifestyle. If you want a conservative, aesthetically appealing alternative that will quickly straighten your teeth, ask Dr. Gary Radz about Six Month Smiles clear braces. If your teeth need orthodontics for occlusion or bite alteration, Dr. Radz will present other treatment options.

Six Month Smiles  works by repositioning teeth that are most noticeable when you smile. Clear brackets and tooth-colored wires make Six Month Smiles one of the most discreet orthodontic treatment options available. By taking a targeted approach, the look of your mouth could be significantly improved in just six months – that’s just the time between routine dental cleanings at  Dr. Radz’s office.

Some people think that since Six Month Smiles must be more painful than traditional braces, since it produces faster results. That’s not true. Because Six Month Smiles’ clear braces are not focused on correcting your bite, they but only your smile’s esthetics, you can have an attractive result fast. Low-force pressure moves certain teeth into position, so your smile (the front teeth) looks sensational.

Once Dr. Radz places your Six Month Smiles clear braces, you will probably need to come in to our office once a month. At these appointments, Dr. Radz will check your progress and answer your questions. Easy and hassle-free, Six Month Smiles has satisfied many patients who needed a straighter smile in the shortest amount of time. Will you be one of them?

For more information about Six Month Smiles clear braces, call our Denver office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Radz.