Restorative dentist Gary Radz is actively seeking a U.S. veteran who is in need of advanced dental treatments as part of his affiliation with the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics (ACE) “A Soldier’s Smile” charity. The charity is being presented by ACE with the help of marketing agency Results, Production & Marketing (RPM) and celebrity Montel Williams. Together the dentists, marketing agency and campaign spokesperson (Williams) will be doing their part to find and help veterans who are in need of life-changing dental care treatments.

Once a veteran in Denver is found they will be placed under the care of Dr. Radz and his highly trained restorative and cosmetic dentistry team. They will then coordinate a treatment plan for the veteran that will help them restore both their oral health and smile. The procedures used may include but are not limited to orthodontics, dental bonding, crowns or implants, periodontal therapy, or TMJ treatments. The A Soldier’s Smile charity is seeking veterans who are in dire need of dental care services and whose lives are affected by their poor dental condition. Dr. Radz notes “We are excited to help a veteran improve their quality of life beginning with a new smile. Our practice has always given back to the community but this charity gives us a chance to give back to the men and women who give so much but ask for so little in return.”

The VA is also working closely with ACE and RPM to find troops who may be ineligible for dental care through the hospital or who are limited by financial restraints. The A Soldier’s Smile charity will be providing the dental services completely free of cost and their story may be shared with America on national television. Montel Williams and RPM are working to get the events televised and to bring attention to the cause so that other businesses and individuals will give back to our veterans the way the ACE dentists are exemplifying.

To learn more about Dr. Radz and his Denver practice visit him at or contact his office directly at 303-242-8319 . To learn more about the A Soldier’s Smile charity visit or submit your story regarding a veteran in need to RPM owner Rustin Savarese at