implantillustrationScience marches forward, much to the benefit of the healthcare field and mankind as a whole. Some amazing research projects are being done. For instance, scientists are creating imitation bone from pressurized, chemically altered wicker (there’s a herd of sheep in Italy with wooden bones), but many amazing technologies and procedures available to us in dentistry right now. One example is dental implants. I’m Dr. Gary Radz, and if you’re missing teeth, we need to talk. I offer modern dental implants, which are a replacement tooth option that mimics nature’s design. Implants feel, look, and function like strong, natural teeth. They can give you the high quality of life you’ve been missing since tooth loss.

For hundreds of years, dentists (medicine men, barbers, and other dentist predecessors) have replaced missing teeth with prosthetics that either attach to other teeth or require some sort of adhesive for stability. I’m talking, of course, about bridges, partials, and dentures. Implants are different. They provide a more conservative, independent, and lifelike alternative.

Each dental implant features a biocompatible metal post-very small-that fits into the socket left by a missing tooth. Precision placement of implant posts is essential for long-term stability, so I use iTero 3-D imaging to gather the most accurate information during treatment planning. I can secure one implant to replace one tooth, or I can give you a few implants to hold a denture, partial, or bridge in place.

Implants allow patients to chew the foods they couldn’t with loose dentures or missing teeth. They also look great, so you’ll smile with confidence. Because implants feature a post in the jawbone, they stimulate jawbone to promote retention-which basically means you’ll be less likely to have jaw deterioration as you age. Come on in and talk to me about dental implants. You deserve a solid, dependable mouth and a beautiful smile. My Denver dental office offers early morning appointments during the week. Call to schedule your visit: 303-242-8319.