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Downtown Denver Dentist Dr. Radz offers iTero Digital Impressions for Precision and Comfort

September 16, 2009

Your Downtown Denver Dentist leads the way in advanced cosmetic and restorative dentistry. At our modern, well-equipped practice, Dr. Radz uses advanced technology to increase patient comfort and deliver precise, efficient care. Always in pursuit of excellence, Dr. Radz adopts the tools that he considers to be the best. One of these leading-edge tools is iTero Digital Imaging. Your comfort comes first with us. Traditional dental impressions can be...

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Digital X-rays: Safety and Convenience from Your Downtown Denver Dentist Dr. Gary Radz

July 17, 2009

At our Downtown Denver dental office, Dr. Radz cares about your safety and your fantastic smile! That’s why he uses digital radiography, instead of traditional X-rays, to obtain detailed views of your teeth and supporting structures. Digital X-rays provide innumerable benefits over older technology. They’re safer for you, with 90% less radiation emission. And, because there’s no harsh developing chemicals, digital X-rays are better for our...

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State-of-the Art Cosmetic Dentistry for Sensational Denver Smiles

June 16, 2009

Dentistry has evolved more in the past few decades than it has throughout the entire course of history. Computer science and technology, medical discoveries, and new clinical techniques allow Dr. Radz to precisely design and deliver gorgeous smiles, comfortably and quickly. As a trained cosmetic dentist, respected public speaker, and contributing author to many dental journals, Dr. Radz has to be ahead of the game. He constantly pursues the hands-on...

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Digital Dental Impressions Are Making Denver Smile!

February 14, 2009

At Downtown Denver Dentist, your comfort is important to us. After all, our job is to make you smile! We offer many services to enhance patient comfort, such as laser dentistry, DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection, and clear, removable orthodontic aligners by Invisalign. One uncomfortable but necessary procedure is taking dental impressions. Traditionally, dental impressions involve a putty that goes into the mouth. An impression is made when the...

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Downtown Denver Dentist offers DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Detection for Comprehensive Checkups

January 15, 2009

With state-of-the-art DIAGNOdent laser cavity detection, Dr. Gary Radz is taking general dentistry to new heights. You see, before tooth decay (a cavity) presents itself, tooth enamel begins to show signs of demineralization. By finding and treating these areas early, Dr. Radz could save you and your loved ones from needing major fillings, crowns, or even replacement teeth later in life. The smaller the problem, and the earlier we find it, the...

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New Dental Technology in our General Dentistry Practice in Denver

October 28, 2008

Many of you who have been in our downtown Denver dental office this year have had the benefit of the Velscope, our new tool that aides in the early detection of oral cancer.   It is a quick, painless piece of equipment that acts much like a flashlight and allows us to detect changes right under the surface layer of cells. If you have been in the office recently you may have seen our other new piece of technology, the iTero.  It is a new cutting...

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