preventive dentistryYou read a lot about cosmetic dentistry to enhance flawed, chipped, or stained teeth. Restorative dentistry is a hot topic, too. Dental implants have changed the way people think about replacement teeth. The field of dentistry seems to be exploding with new technology and techniques. All this is fantastic! But today, let’s discuss the basis of a healthy smile: prevention.

Dr. Gary Radz focuses on the complete picture of your oral health, which means that he’ll give you a smile that looks terrific, feels great, and functions as it was originally intended. He’s a renowned cosmetic and restorative dentist with a reputation for creating beautiful smiles. But the doctor knows that you can’t build on a shaky foundation. That’s why he’s passionate about preventing problems before they start.

The Path to Lifelong Oral Health
At your first visit with us, we’ll begin to lay the groundwork for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Six-month checkups and cleanings are the first step to ensure that small problems don’t become big ones. Dr. Radz always:

  • Performs a tooth-by-tooth check for decay using our non-invasive DIAGNOdent laser. This laser finds cavities in the early stage, when conservative treatment can be administered to retain more natural tooth structure.
  • Examines gum tissue for signs of periodontal disease, a destructive bacterial infection that’s the leading cause of adult tooth loss and a contributor to a variety of whole-body health issues.
  • Assesses how well the top and bottom teeth fit together, called occlusion. Malocclusion, or teeth that don’t fit together optimally, can throw the TMJ joints off balance. TMJ disorder is responsible for a host of annoying symptoms, including chronic headaches, earaches, jaw popping, pain the head and neck area, low back discomfort, and more.

If the doctor finds problems early, he can provide targeted treatments to halt the damage and renew oral health. If he doesn’t find anything, then he’ll give you tips on how to maintain your smile’s good condition.

Along with your exam, you’ll receive a thorough, get gentle, dental cleaning to remove the hardened plaque and food particles that contribute to dental decay and disease.

The bottom line: we’re here to keep your smile looking and feeling great now and years from now. Your Downtown Denver Dentist delivers the proactive care you need for an optimal level of oral health. Call today to schedule a checkup and cleaning.